how to: v-day

If you're like me, you wait to buy gifts till the last minute.  
Partly because I have gift giving ADD. 
But mostly because I have a joint credit card statement.  
Anyways, enjoy my compilation below of v-day ideas & cards.

“Presents are the best way to show how much you care.  It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, “Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth”

-Michael Scott, The Office

v-day ideas for his gift:

valentine’s day ideas for her gift:

  • flowers my suggestion is orchids, because they last so long, she’ll be reminded everyday.
  • nice dinner– who ever said “the stomach is the way to a man’s heart,” obviously thought I was a man.
  • a good coffee table book – I love to read up on history of my hometown, and its a great conversation piece!
  • jewelry– this one can be tough, but if she has sent you links, or her best friend can help you.. then go for it!

some unique valentine cards:

By the way, if you like any of the below, feel free to print and use for your hunnay-babycakes.  Or simply contact me and I will send you an AI/PDF file that you can edit and add your sweetheart’s name to!

for the quirky pizza lover:pizza-heart

for the marathon-watching couple:netflix.

for the kitty lover:valentines-kitty

for the hornball:todolist



That’s all for this post, I need to start filling up my online shopping carts with stuff that I will never end up purchasing.  XOXO



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