How To: Comfortable Airport Style

When I travel for a short trip, I always try to maximize my vacation time by taking the red eye home and going straight to the office in the morning.  Dressing for these flights has become a skill for me; wearing something that I can sleep in on the plane, and still be presentable at work the next morning.  Below I have compiled a list of 6 rules for how to dress for the airport in a way which is comfortable, efficient for packing, and is still acceptable for your plans after the flight.

1. wear comfortable pants.

Listen Ladies, I know it’s become somewhat acceptable to wear pajamas on an airplane, but let’s all take a step back and realize that you are still in public even though you plan on napping for the next 3 hour ride.  So when I suggest comfortable pants, I do not mean your high school track sweatpants.  Wear harem pantssoft silky printed pants, boyfriend jeans, or leggings.  There is nothing worse than having tight firm skinny jeans on while trying to sleep sitting up; mostly because it is super awkward to unbutton & unzip those bad boys while sitting next to a stranger.

comfy pants
comfy pants

2. wear layers.

I am one of those girls that freezes under 73 degrees fahrenheit, but I also live in Miami.  So when I land after that long cold flight I have to be prepared for the 80 degree heat to hit me on the travel back to normal life.  I am not advising for you to wear the super-cute-tight-armhole leather jacket with a chunky zipper; remember that you still intend on relaxing on the flight.  My go to layers are an oversized cashmere sweater, and a chunky scarf.  I like to use the scarf as a pillow/eye mask when I really want to zone out and snooze.  Plus the scarf is an easily wearable item that you don’t have to pack in that limited room carry on, unlike that neck pillow.

airport layering
Airport layering, along with the ability to curl up like a cat, leads to comfortable traveling.

3. wear the most “unpackable” shoes.

I know this tip seems a little bit odd because you want to be comfortable while sleeping, but I make this work by packing slipper socks in my personal item (not my carry on, but in the bag I have access to during the flight).  When I board the plane, I take my shoes off, and put on my slipper socks for the remainder of the flight.  On these quick weekend trips, I only pack a carry on and personal item for quicker travel to and from the airport, but this leaves me limited on outfits and souvenirs. This shoe wearing hack leaves room in my carry on for more of the important things!

4. have pockets.

Whether these pockets are in your pants, your jacket or your shirt, pockets can be a lifesaver at the airport.  I always like to keep my phone, ID, and a credit card easily accessible when walking around.  I usually am not carrying a small purse for the flight because I want to use a larger bag for my personal item to fit more essentials for my trip.  If you’re like me, that big purse turns into a black hole of things when you go to pay at the counter and when your phone rings with the most embarrassing ring tone for your mother.  Also, for those times when you are lost in facebook land and realize you have to use both hands to run for your gate and grab your luggage, the pockets really come in handy.

5. do not style your hair.

Why waste time doing your hair to just lean on it for hours in your seat?  Plus there is always way too much static electricity for your hair to look perfect anyways.  I like to just wear my hair down straight, so that mid flight I can throw it up in a top not or take it down when my headphones are in the way.  Plus, when you land, all you will need to do is to stop in the restroom and tie it up in a flawless bun for the rest of your day.

airplane nap
and no, this was not posed, this is a real life airplane nap.

6. save the jewelry, make up, and wrinkle prone blouses for when you land.

When I land from a flight, I usually head straight into the restroom of the airport where I wash my face, brush my teeth, apply a little bit of makeup, fix my hair, change my top, and add jewelry.  When you skip these items on the plane it allows you to relax and be comfortable.  But remember, these are items you do not want to get lost, so pack the small essentials in your personal item so that you always have it at arms reach.  You don’t want to lose your Tiffany’s earrings in luggage that you don’t always have with you!

American Airlines
waiting for American Airlines flight to Iowa

That’s it for now; remember, you should be comfortable but still stylish when you fly.  This cuts back on the time you need to go back to the hotel (or home) and you can start your day straight from the airport!


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