Hong Kong: Victoria’s Peak

As we are planning out our honeymoon trip for September, I like to reminisce on our photos from past trips.  One of the most beautiful sites during our April 2015 Asian adventure was Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong.

When you first arrive at the base of the mountain, you step into a gallery highlighting the history of the peak.  In 1926, the Peak Tram was built to carry passengers from the base of the mountain to the panoramic views up top.  There are lots of combo deals for tram, especially with The Big Bus Tours.

Side note- I do have to mention, I usually LOVE double decker bus tours, but this one I could have skipped.  Especially after doing the Big Bus Tour through London in 2014,  the Hong Kong tour was lacking all the fun historical stories you learn in other cities.  However, if you are in HK for an extended stay, it is a great way to get around the island.  I would also imagine the night tour is beautiful, which we didn’t get a chance to do during our quick trip.


We arrived early in the morning to maximize our time in Hong Kong, so the mountain still had the morning fog layer.  We enjoyed watching the fog disappear down the mountain, giving a really eery feeling to the morning.  At the top of the peak, there is a little mall with a coffee shop and some trinket stores.  And of course a photo staging point to send love to your family back home.




We wandered out of the touristy mall area for a while and took a little hike up the residential area of the peak to find a quaint little park and a few pretty cool houses.  It was refreshing to see the residents walking their dogs and enjoying everyday life at the top of this island mountain away from the big city.


That’s all for the Victoria’s Peak highlights blog.  As always I’d love to talk to you more if you are considering visiting Hong Kong.  I love to talk travel stories. 🙂

PS- I am working on an award travel blog now, to fill you in on how we flew to Asia in business class– on points earned throughout the year.  Yup, we had seats that reclined fully for our 18 hour ride FREE with airline points!  Hold tight because there are many more adventures to come!



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